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About Us

Driving Sustainability through Intelligent Security

Willowmore's solution promotes sustainability for Critical Infrastructure companies by eliminating physical keys and providing full audit trial of access records. Access can be controlled by a smartphone app and monitored by our AI and analytics. Besides making sites intrinsically safer, Willowmore eliminates millions of kilometres driven to retrieve keys and the thousands of tons of CO2 they generate.

Our Story

Founded in 2014 in Singapore, Willowmore is a Security & Sustainability company specialising in Smart Access Control for Critical Infrastructure.


Many critical sites, such as data-centres, telecommunication towers, power and pumping stations, hazardous material warehouses, and waste processing plants are still secured mechanically with devices that can easily be tampered with and do not allow proper control and monitoring.

Meet The Team


Basil Byrne

Founder & Managing Partner


Frederic Gillant

Chief Revenue Officer


Vinoth M.

Head of Technology


Joseph Tey

Founder & Managing Partner


Alan Hogg

Chief Operating Officer


Jaffry Ng

Sales Manager

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