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Our enterprise smart padlock has been designed to address the challenges of managing access control and security systems. Our solution enable enterprises to do away with labour intensive process of issuing and managing physical keys. Our customers will not have to worry about illegal duplication, theft and loss. Operations are logged to ensure traceability. The solution is secure, scalable and easy to retrofit to existing lock management systems.

Durable & Strong

Hammer, Pull and Drop Tested

Rechargeable Battery

Up to 1000 operations

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Weather Resistance

All our locks are individually and 100% tested to IP66 standard

Data Analytics

Generate critical data reports


- Bluetooth V4.2

- iOS 7.0 or higher

- Android V5.0 or higher

How our enterprise solution works

View Lock History

View Unlock/Lock Operations

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 14.01.00.png

Solutions Dashboard - Click to magnify

Screen Shot 1.png

Deployment and GPS Information - Click to magnify

100% of our smart locks are tested


“With this system, there is no need for security personnel at site. There is a clear improvement on access approval time.”

Operations Engineer
Local Telco Company

“…the solution works very well. By using this solution we do not need to collect and return physical keys. It is especially useful when there is a need for multiple site visit. This helps to reduce the time wasted for key collection and transport

cost of travelling to and fro”

"There is no need for travelling to

town council, draw and

return keys. Now, if we

arrange work to be done

between 0830 to 1630hrs, we can maximise our time at site to complete the required work."

Telecom Engineer
Local Telco Company

Service Engineer
Lift Servicing and Rescue

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