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Sigfox-Bluetooth Gateway


SigWAV is the first and the easiest portable Sigfox-Bluetooth Gateway in the world. As a crucial component in Willowmore Smart Eco-system, It is designed extremely light-weighted for installation at any position without any wiring. 


The purpose of the Willowmore Smart Eco-System is to support Enterprises gain visibility, transparency and alertness for each and every asset. From the current perspective,
most businesses have no visibility or data on what is happening at their sites. These are mostly
due to sites being too remotely located and maintenance work are not being carried out as
often as it should be. By combining the SigWAV with keyless smart locks as well as WMSensors
via Bluetooth and Sigfox Network, Willowmore Smart Eco-System provides real-time data,
valuable insights, and 
instant alerts to help businesses monitor remote assets. 


With the myriad of existing Bluetooth Sensors on top of Sigfox network’s aggressive expansion,

SigWAV acts as a liaison that allows Bluetooth devices communicate to end-users via Sigfox, a low power consumption and low cost network. SigWAV development is sponsored by Spring Singapore as the result of a verification process as the only product of its type in the world at the time.


Q3 2019


Use Cases


Combined with our smart locks,
the gateway provides an extra layer of security to the Access Control Management System.


By  placing light sensors on manufacturing machines, servicing data can be checked by the consolidation of data through
the gateway.


Check the temperature of the
container by obtaining historical data from our sensors. 


Retrofitting sensors to existing doors to track the status of your facilities through our gateway together with proximity sensors.

Each gateway connects up to 6 devices. SigWAV works as a listening device to collect data from various sensors and collectively transmit data to the monitoring center. Sensors that are currently ready to be used with SigWAV:





Temperature & Humidity Sensor