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Smart Lock-as-a Service (LaaS)


What is Willowmore Smart Lock-as-a Service?

Willowmore Smart Lock-as-a Service allows your enterprise to easily switch the current manual access control system to a digital and keyless access control system. We understand that switching system is never easy as it isn't just about the system but also the people, the work-process and finance. 


Enterprise now can adopt the digital Willowmore access control management system; the innovative solution that includes our smart locks, sensors, gateway and warranty.


No upfront cost for the system. Easy monthly billing system. No hidden cost. 

Transform your site accesses immediately. System and smart locks deployment can be done in just a couple of days!

No CAPEX. Zero Upfront cost.

No License Fee


Transparent Billing.

No Hidden Cost.

Monthly payment fee.

Fast deployment.

Warranty included.

Benefits of Smart Access Control System.


Reduce TCO and Attractive R.O.I.

At zero upfront cost, Enterprise can deploy a robust digital system that provides a full audit trail, record of work tasks, and accesses data to benchmark productivity and efficiency. 

Expect to reduce Field Service Cost up to 30%

View Willowmore case study on GSMA here

Collect reliable, machine-to-machine data

Our data updates in real-time. Our system ensures that no-one can meddle with updated data.


Easily integrate with your current system via API. 


Monetise space and accesses.


Use our data to build your business and data model. Maximize your revenue stream by providing new secure access control. 


Our report and data provide great insights that potentially can improve the negotiating position with contractors and shared tenants.

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