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Enterprise Smart Locks and Access Control System for

Tower Companies


Site Compound

Owned by Tower Company

Solar Panels

Owned by Company B

Telecom Tower

Owned by Company C

Servers and Equipment

Owned by Company D

Tower Companies currently owns more than 60% of the world’s rooftops and towers.


There is a couple of reasons in the expansion for Tower Companies:

  • Increased mobile network for all operators countrywide to prevent white spots.

  • Maximise and optimise the utilisation of telecom assets

  • Burden removal on infrastructure expansion.



  • Secure operators’ equipment and assets

  • Facilitate access control for all operators and their contractors

  • Provide minimum service agreements and maintenance


Possible challenges:

To ensure fair competition among key players who use the same space, Tower Companies is entrusted with the task to protect the assets for each and every stakeholders. It is sensitive and crucial to make sure the restricted area can only be accessed by authorised personnel. Tower Companies can increase its market-share by providing revolutionary solutions to:

  • Prevent theft and vandalism

  • Communicate transparently with operators

  • Identify and react responsively to an emergency


If anything happens on site, Tower Companies will be tasked to explain the details and know who is accountable for what happened. This will normally be a long process if we calculate travelling time down to site, checking manual logbooks for jobs done and key press and which contractors are on site at the point of the event.



Willowmore Enterprise Smart Locks and Smart Access Control System (ACMS) have the abilities to facilitate access keys and associated tasks en masse, promising to save at least ½ of the time normally used by traditional methods. We have unique features that cater specifically to enterprises with large head-counts that even includes their third party contractors.


Enhanced security, audit transparency and increased productivity by using virtual keys and smart padlocks; eliminating the mechanical keys:

  • No more duplication, stolen or lost keys. Save time from tedious processes of gaining accesses or retrieving physical keys/locks.

  • Consolidate the key access requests and task assignments into one platform.

  • Track operational activities remotely

  • Creation of Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports at a simple click


Create multiple-hierarchical accounts for different companies and contractors to operate smart locks

  • Create a role system to allow accountability, traceability and searchability

  • Benchmark and standardise contractors’ productivity and efficiency

  • Allow tasks and accesses of virtual keys to be created quickly in the system to associated roles


Personalised keys for each individual to operate enterprise-level smart locks

  • Customise virtual keys to the needs of the individual

  • One-time virtual keys, repeating schedule virtual keys, admin virtual keys

  • Allow authorised and trusted individual to request keys for restricted or confidential areas/sites

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