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How Willowmore Access Control Software works

Looking for a platform to control Access Traffic and Enterprise Smart locks system?

Our WMSecure Access Control Management system allows enterprises connect smart locks (smart padlocks, heavy-duty smart padlocks and smart cabinet locks) to a digital access control system. Admins, managers, contractors managers, facility operators, contractors can quickly retrieve accesses,

track/audit real-time data, smart locks statuses, and granular historical interactions via our platform.


With our data analyses and visualisation tools, we help managers with alerts – identifying bottlenecks, analysing and benchmarking task activities by combining tasks and access control management into a single platform. Enterprises can also configure our system based on organisational structure, we reduce the workloads for both contractors and managers by eliminating the physical keys and allow fast real-time interactions.

1. True Keyless Solution

Only authorised personnel can have a virtual key to unlock/lock our enterprise smart locks. For security, each virtual key will be protected by a stipulated time limit and only pre-approved users are able to request for access. No duplications.

2. Grouping users by companies, regions, use cases or tasks.

User's identity and information are provided by company and preset on the system. Only authorised personnel has access to the smart locks.

3. Bluetooth virtual keys to operate smart locks.

  • Admin/Skeleton/Master virtual keys

  • Repeating tasks/schedule virtual keys

  • One-time access virtual keys

  • Allow authorised users to request for
    virtual keys.

4. Offline mode

Authorised personnel with granted virtual keys can log into the application and operate the virtual key offline in case there is no network or wifi connection.

To ensure site security, Offline mode will only be operated within a stipulated time limit from the time the user accepts the job.

5. Classify/Block specific periods of time for scheduling tasks in a restricted zone.

Scheduling tasks is the basic for any access control system. We provide ability to schedule periodic tasks for up to 20 sets of specific dates in specific periods of time.

6. Consolidate tasks management and access control system into one platform

Manage all your contractors, in-house engineers, etc to one platform to minimise the amount of work for any admin/managers-in-charge.

7. Access permission verification process

Enhance security by assigning the right person in charge for each region, contracting company or countries to be responsible of overseeing, granting and approving accesses to operate the smart locks.

8. Regional or global operational trackers

A global set-up of enterprise smart locks using the same software for separate entities in different countries or regions.

9. Enhanced search-ability power

Go paperless. No more sign-in/sign-out using traditional paper and pen. The search function is a powerful tool to find an accountable personnel in case of emergency.

10. Data Analysis

Generate task performance by tracking and analysing every smart lock operation. This enables easy benchmarking of productivity across all individuals or contractors working on your site.

11. Real-time Auditing Tool

Allow asset auditors to audit access security processes and find information quickly via the platform.

12. Picture verifications for site security

All users are required to take a picture of the site after operation and smart locks to prove attendance and job done.

13. Simple Operation

A quick video to show you how easy it is to operate our smart padlock.

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