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Previously, we talked about Willowmore's quality control assurance before any order fulfilment. This week, we want to discuss about the potential Return On Investment (ROI) that businesses could gain simply by switching their current key-lock system to an enterprise keyless smart lock system.

Quantifiable benefits:

On the first post, “The birth of a industrial smart access control management system” , we highlighted that the current process of managing a physical key-lock system is time and cost consuming. There is also an absence of visibility for operators to monitor or control access to sites. Most telecom sites are secured by mechanical locks, which means that the keys must be stored at a secure and easy-to-reach place. However, evidence suggests this is usually not the case. Anyone that visits a remote site must first collect the key from the central office. This commute could take up to 5-6 hours and consume at least 5-8 litres of fuel (per visit) due to unforeseen traffic conditions. In addition, keys are often duplicated or misplaced which expose telco sites to vandalism and theft. Some operators have reported that they use combination locks or store keys somewhere nearby the remote sites, resulting in managers at the monitoring centre having zero visibility on who is accessing the site, for what purpose and for how long.