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Patent granted for Willowmore's Gateway Device

Patent Number: 11202004628Y

Willowmore has been granted a patent for our NB-IoT/Lora/Sigfox Gateway. The patent enables us to provide an innovative and unique way to communicate with our Smart Locks and IoT sensors. This will enable our customers to introduce 24/7 real time monitoring of their critical assets.

Deploying our gateway at sites will enable multiple smart keyless locks, sensors and devices to communicate seamlessly with Network Operation Centres. The gateway aggregates data via short-range wireless communication (from the sensors/devices), then transmits the data to Network Operations Centre through a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN). Our invention optimises the RF transmission and reduces the power consumption of our Gateway.

What are the benefits for critical infrastructure owners?

  1. Low-power consumption and low-cost remote 24/7 monitoring system for remote infrastructure

  2. Collect information from short range sensors and transmit to Network Operations Centre

  3. Actionable data and alerts with the help of artificial intelligence

Willowmore's heavy-duty smart padlocks are compatible with our Gateways.

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