Automated Assurance - Quality, Security and Functionality in every Willowmore smart locks

According to Bain’s most recent report (, the top 3 concerns for Enterprise client to adapt IoT-Analytics solutions are Security, IT/OT integration and unclear Return on Investment (ROI). On this week's note, we will discuss about the first and most important factor: Security; the next 2 concerns will be shared in the following posts.

Most businesses take a longer time to adopt new IoT products like our smart padlocks to replace their current mechanical padlocks . Sometimes, it is not about Willowmore vs Competitors, but rather, Willowmore vs the fear to invest in disruptive technology. We have built many case-studies to help our clients figure out their ROIs, in which we include many factors such as savings from traveling time, fuel wastage, lost, false alarms, security risks. We realised that even when ROI can be achieved within the first few months, the clients hesitated as they wanted something more. And that is the assurance of security, especially for the hardware.

We have built an automated Modular Functional Test Station to consistently test our hardware functionality, and at the same time, perform firmware encryption checks. The goal is to address the labor intensive manual tests that where time consuming and prone to human errors. The Functional Tester automates the physical manual testing process and secures all the functional test data into a log file. It brings about an overall improvement of total c