Telco & School - Remote monitoring, minimise contacts with Willowmore access control & smart locks

Indonesia and Singapore have recently announced more stringent restrictions to combat COVID-19. It is clear that work-from-home, social distancing and low-point contacts are here to stay for much longer than anticipated.

A reliable telecom network is critical for communication in both personal life and business. Therefore, efficient operational processes need to be in place to quickly allow telecom companies to rectify any problems. That is why many critical infrastructure industry companies are moving to smart keyless lock solutions.

Protelindo, the largest towerco in Indonesia that has streamlined its operation by switching from a smart key solution to a keyless smart lock solution since 2016, continues to deploy more Willowmore smart locks in 2020 and 2021. The keyless smart locks allow third-party contractors and staff to gain access to sites remotely. This saves significant time spent collecting the smart keys from a storage location. With the web-based software portal, data can be collected, managed and analysed securely from the user’s mobile application. It does away with the extra synchronisation step before with the smart key solution.