Driving Sustainability

with Keyless Smart Locks
and Video Analytics

Willowmore secures critical infrastructures by eliminating physical keys and providing a full audit trail of access records. Locks are controlled by a smartphone app. Operations are monitored by AI and video analytics.

Besides making sites intrinsically safer, Willowmore eliminates millions of kilometres driven to retrieve keys and the thousands of tons of CO2 they generate.

Our Markets

Smart Access Control for critical sites and equipments

Our Solution

Willowmore Smart Access Control for Critical Infrastructure.

Our smart locks are coupled with state-of-the-art access control and security systems. The labour-intensive process of issuing and managing physical keys, illegal duplication, theft and loss are all things of the past. Our solution is secure, scalable and can easily retrofit to existing lock management systems.

Smart Locks
Access Control Management System (ACMS)
Video Analytics
They trust Willowmore

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