Access Control Management System

WM Sense Hub

Access control management software

WM Sense Hub

WMSensehub is Willowmore’s Access Control Management System(ACMS).

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Grant and revoke access with unique precision
WM Sensehub enables administrators to grant access to specific assets to specific persons, in a specific timeframe and location. The virtual key to the smart lock is instantly sent to the operator’s mobile phone. Once access is no longer needed, it can be instantly revoked.
Track all lock operations
WM Sensehub provides real-time access logs that track all locks’ operations. There is no need to fill in tedious paper logs prone to error and tempering. Costs associated with maintaining and updating traditional access control systems are eliminated, security is improved and compliance with industry regulations facilitated.
Get additional security with video
Enforce a pre-operation picture of the operator to verify their identity for an additional layer of identification. Enforce a post-operation picture of the lock to ensure it is properly positioned in a locked status. Use existing cameras, coupled with Willowmore WM Vision people counting and motion detection software to detect abnormal activity at the site.
Remotely Activate Devices
Coupled with WM Connect gateways and controllers, WM Sensehub allows the remote operation of locks, lights, air-conditioners, and other devices.
Enhance efficiency with analytics and integration
WM Sensehub generates insights and analytics based on the collected data, providing valuable information for improving operations and decision-making. It allows administrators to set access rules and permissions for different users or groups and can be integrated with other business systems such as HR, IT, and accounting. WMSensehub is available in the cloud as a Software-as-a-Service or on-premises.
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WM Sense Hub

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