The Problem

Security companies need better technologies

Coordinating personnel, monitoring security systems, responding to incidents, and maintaining effective communication across different locations require streamlined processes, robust infrastructure, and integrated technologies.

Security companies need to invest in technologies, training, and resources to maintain customer satisfaction while remaining competitive in the market.

Our Solution

Enhanced Security

Willowmore Smart Locks incorporate encryption, biometric authentication, and unique access codes, and significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Since they are keyless and operated by the Willowmore mobile app, they are impervious to lock picking.

Remote Access and Control

Willowmore Smart Locks are monitored through Willowmore SenseHub centralized Access Control Management System (ACMS) and operated through the security agent’s mobile application. This allows the operation centre to grant or revoke access, change lock settings, and receive real-time notifications of lock activities, enhancing the ability to respond quickly to security events.

Improved Access Management

Willowmore SenseHub ACMS manages access rights for different individuals or groups. The administrator can assign temporary access codes to visitors, contractors, or security agents, which can be easily revoked after a specified time. This streamlines access control and reduces the need for physical key distribution and collection.

Video Analytics

Willowmore Vision proprietary video analytics provides intrusion, loitering, and abnormal behaviour detection, as well as people counting and profiling. It integrates with smart locks into Willowmore SensHub ACMS where events from locks, cameras and sensors trigger automated responses or alerts, enhancing overall security effectiveness.

Audit Trails and Reporting

Willowmore Smart Locks and Vision maintain detailed logs of activities, including the time, date, and user information for each event. Security companies can utilize this information to track who accessed a particular location and when. These audit trails can be used for investigations, compliance purposes, and overall accountability.

Cost Savings

Willowmore Smart Locks eliminate the need for rekeying when access rights change, reduce the risk of lost or stolen keys, and minimize the expenses associated with physical key management.

WILLOWMORE Protects The Security Infrastructure