The Problem

Telecommunication infrastructure requires regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance is necessary for telecommunication infrastructure since towers are frequently situated in remote locations. However, maintaining an uninterrupted power supply can be challenging in areas with unreliable electricity infrastructure. Additionally, the batteries and copper used in these structures are susceptible to theft, vandalism, or sabotage.

Improper management of telecommunication infrastructure can have significant environmental consequences. A single tower can produce one ton of CO2 emissions yearly from the petrol used to collect and return keys for maintenance.

Our Solution

Enhanced security

Willowmore Smart Padlocks, Cabinet Locks and Vision reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, and sabotage by restricting access to authorized personnel only and alerting operators in case of fraudulent activity.

Cost Savings

Get rid of physical key management. As there is no need to pick up keys, technicians get quicker to sites, resolve tower faults, and meet SLA.

Remote access control reduces the need for on-site security personnel.

Improved accountability

Log and track all access attempts with an audit trail that allows to investigate incidents and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Monitor efficiency related to specific works and tasks.

Increased flexibility

Grant and revoke access to tower sites remotely for greater flexibility in managing access permissions, especially in remote or hard-to-reach locations.


Comply with regulatory requirements and industry best practices for security and access control.


No more physical key collection and return means a drastic reduction of fossil fuel consumption and emission of greenhouse gases.

WILLOWMORE Protects The Telecom Infrastructure