The Problem

Datacenters are vulnerable to data theft, vandalism, and sabotage.

It is crucial that datacenter operators, rack cabinet manufacturers and major users such as financial institutions, implement physical security measures to protect against these threats.
Our Solution

Improved Security

Willowmore smart cabinet locks use advanced encryption algorithms and secure communication protocols to prevent unauthorized access to the racks.

They reduce the risk of data theft, tampering, or sabotage.

Remote Access Control

Control locks remotely; allow authorized personnel to grant or revoke access permissions from anywhere.

Reduce the need for on-site security personnel and enable faster response times to security incidents.

Enhanced Accountability

Log and track all access attempts with an audit trail that can be used to investigate security incidents or identify potential vulnerabilities.

Improve accountability for more effective security management.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor access in real time. Enable data centre administrators to detect and respond to security threats quickly.

Customizable Access Permissions

Customize access permissions to different areas and levels within the data centre, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive areas.

Increased Efficiency

Reduce the time and effort required to grant and revoke access permissions. Improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.

Integration with video

Integrated with surveillance cameras and Willowmore Vision, smart cabinet locks provide an even more comprehensive security solution.

WILLOWMORE Protects The Data Center Infrastructure