The Problem

Logistics companies deal with valuable shipments, making them susceptible to theft.

Criminals target warehouses or transportation vehicles to steal or smuggle merchandise. Environmental risks, such as hazardous material spills, also pose an important threat. Robust access controls and surveillance systems are crucial to mitigate these risks on warehouses, trailers, and containers.
Our Solution

Efficient Access Management for Drivers

Willowmore Smart locks enable logistics companies to grant access to authorized drivers or personnel without physical keys. Instead, a mobile app is used to operate the smart locks. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access by individuals who do not have the necessary permissions.

Operational Flexibility

Willowmore Smart locks work with temporary access codes and time-limited access permissions. This is particularly useful when using third-party drivers and service providers. Instead of providing physical keys and coordinating meetups, access codes are issued remotely and instantly sent to the driver’s phone, expediting logistics operations.

Improved Cargo Security

Willowmore Smart Locks add an extra layer of security to mobile assets. Their geo-fencing capability creates virtual boundaries around designated areas. If someone attempts to operate a lock outside of these boundaries, the lock won’t operate, and the administrator receives an instant notification.

Integration with Existing Systems

Smart locks can be integrated with other logistical systems, such as inventory management or fleet tracking systems. This integration enables data exchange and further improves operational efficiency.

Video analytics

Willowmore Vision video analytics provides the ultimate level of safety with its facial recognition, intrusion detection, perimeter protection and safety compliance features.

Willowmore Vision grants access only to registered personnel thanks to its face recognition feature. But it doesn’t stop there.

Willowmore Vision also detects and alerts security personnel about unauthorized individuals or vehicles entering restricted areas. It sets up virtual perimeters and uses motion detection algorithms. It detects abnormal behaviour patterns, such as climbing fences, loitering, or simply not wearing personal protective equipment. Instant alerts are generated, enabling security personnel to respond quickly to potential breaches.

WILLOWMORE Protects The Logistics Infrastructure