The Problem

Energy & Utilities companies are a nation's backbone

Electricity, water, and gas providers face constant security challenges due to the critical nature of their services and the sensitive data they handle.

They need to protect their infrastructure from theft, vandalism and terrorism. Power plants, water treatment plants, substations and other critical sites need to be physically secured around the clock.

They are also subject to regulations and standards designed to ensure the safety and reliability of their services. Compliance with these regulations requires ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Our Solution

Improved physical security

Willowmore smart access control and smart locks improve physical security by providing real-time monitoring and control of access to facilities and infrastructure.

Prevent unauthorized access and detect potential security breaches.

Access control management

Gain centralized control over access to multiple sites, making it easier to manage and monitor access permissions for employees, contractors, and visitors.

Reduce the risk of insider threats and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Enhanced authentication

Willowmore’s biometric identification ensures that only authorized individuals are granted access to restricted areas.

Eliminate unauthorized access and improve the security of sensitive data and infrastructure.

Remote management

Manage access control and smart locks remotely, allowing security personnel to respond to security incidents in real-time.

Reduce response times and minimize the impact of security breaches.

Video Analytics and Alerting

Willowmore Vision provides video analytics that integrates with CCTV cameras and alarm systems.

Improve situational awareness and enable faster response to security incidents.

Energy & Utilities Infrastructure