Efficient delegation through a secure management system equipped with user auditing and data analysis

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Retrieval Of Keys Are Time-Consuming

How do managers save time and effort in managing accesses to distributed assets?

  1. Eliminate the keys, duplications and lost or stolen keys cases

  2. Automate the manual tasks of gaining access permissions

  3. Track and be alerted of abnormal activities via online web platform

Most of the distributed assets belong to industries such as telecommunications, oil & gas and power houses are secured by padlocks. From our previous blogs, we talked about the regular procedure for a contractor or any staff to retrieve the keys from a central location. A repetitive, mundane and time-consuming task has forced enterprises to compromise on their security: Master keys, numeric combination locks or keys hidden in a “safe” space on site are some of the ways used to make this procedure more efficient to gain accesses to sites.

When did enterprises start to accept a tradeoff between security and efficiency?

What is the point of buying a $200 lock which almost anyone can unlock with a duplicated key, or using a $20 numeric combination lock to secure a base station with expensive equipments?

By eliminating physical keys, a manager can immediately solve 3 problems: long traveling time to pick-up/drop-off keys; duplications; and lost or stolen keys. The efficiency problem is solved without worrying about physical keys. The Willowmore access control management system (ACMS) allows the manager to create unique virtual keys for each lock and user so that the user can store this virtual key on the mobile application to lock/unlock during the allowed period of time and date, even in areas without mobile/WiFi coverage.

To make sure virtual keys can be requested or granted, Willowmore has created a web platform combined with a mobile application to automate this task. A Network Operations Center (NOC) manager or facility manager can assign scheduled virtual keys on specific times and dates for specific users to access the site. If a contractor wants to request for access permission, the process is done via their mobile app. This procedure is totally automated with no paper-work involved, and every activity is recorded and notified on the platform.

In conclusion, our smart lock + ACMS solution will vastly improve the overall security and performance of a site. We will be the first line of defence followed by our sensor intrusion detection system. By swapping out the mechanical system to our solution, managers will not only save time and effort personally, for their contractors but also facilitate accesses in matter of seconds to the right person in case of an emergency.


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