Ericsson manages accesses remotely with Willowmore smart access – smart locks solution

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Willowmore's keyless smart lock system

Ericsson has formed a partnership with Willowmore to deliver an innovative way to manage and secure tower sites. The Willowmore keyless smart lock system drives efficiency, reduce costs, enables audit trail, eliminates illegally duplicated keys and limits unauthorised access. Ericsson has also collaborated with Willowmore to develop a robust enterprise workflow and seamless integration API.

Ericsson now has real-time data of:

  • Who are accessing the sites?
  • Are the gates locked properly?
  • Are there any abnormal activities?

The Willowmore smart padlock is designed to be easy to install. Ericsson now has a digital platform to facilitate and monitor access even to very remote sites. Contractors can now use their own smartphones to operate the smart locks. They no longer have to commute to pick up physical keys. Willowmore’s smart padlocks are compatible with our NB-IoT Gateway, enabling 24/7 tampering monitoring at any access point.

Quick Summary

Ericsson selects Willowmore’s Keyless Smart Lock solution.

  • Willowmore is pleased to announce our partnership with Ericsson to deliver Keyless Smart Lock solution to drive efficiency and cost reductions for their Managed Services customers.
  • Ericsson is deploying thousands of locks operated by Virtual Keys and are compatible with our NB-IoT Gateway to enable remote monitoring of Locks and Access points.
  • Companies across various verticals such as telecommunications, railway, public utilities and public housing have selected Willowmore’s Keyless smart lock solutions to protect their critical assets.

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