Ng Joo Hee joins Willowmore as Chairman of the Board

Appointed to Ng Joo Hee (Peter)

We are pleased to announce that Ng Joo Hee (Peter) has joined Willowmore Pte Ltd as our independent non-executive chairman. Joo Hee brings thought leadership and a wealth of experience to Willowmore’s board.

Glorious Career

Previously as the chief executive at National Water Agency PUB, he safeguarded Singapore’s water security and ensured that we enjoyed a constant supply of clean drinking water, that our sewage was taken away and properly treated, and that storm runoff was tamed and husbanded.

When he retired last July, PUB was well into taking charge of protecting Singapore’s coasts from sea-level rise.

Prior to PUB, Joo Hee was Singapore’s top cop. He had enjoyed a long and exciting career in the police, and served as Commissioner of Police for five years.

We are delighted that Joo Hee has agreed to lead Willowmore’s board. Joo Hee has had an outstanding career in public service, and is a highly respected leader in Singapore. He has a very clear vision for the company, and brings significant operational and strategic expertise to Willowmore.

Prestigious Educational Background

Joo Hee had studied engineering science and economics at Oxford University (1988), topped his MBA class at NTU (1998), and earned a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School (2001). He most recently attended the Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School (2017).


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