WM Alpha Smart Padlock

The most secure smart padlock for critical enclosures

WM Alpha Smart Padlock

The WM Alpha is a heavy-duty smart padlock designed to protect critical enclosures, such as telecommunication towers, power stations, transport infrastructure or warehouses. Its stainless steel rugged and durable construction makes it resistant to physical attacks, cutting, drilling, and water immersion.

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Keyless access
The WM Alpha is entirely keyless. It is operated via Bluetooth by the operator’s WM Sensehub mobile app or remotely via the administrator’s WM Sensehub Access Control Management Software (ACMS). The administrator sets up virtual keys for the operators and revokes them when they are no longer needed.
Pre- and Post-Operation Enhanced Authentication
In addition to the virtual key, facial recognition of the operator can be required before the lock is opened. Similarly, a lock position recognition can be required after the lock is closed to ensure it is properly positioned. Facial and position recognition are carried out via WM Sensehub mobile app.
20,000-Operation Exchangeable Battery
The WM Alpha is powered by an off-the-shelf exchangeable battery that will last for a minimum of 20,000 operations. Exchanging the battery is a simple and secure operation that can be carried out by the operator in one minute.
Multiple users
The administrator can grant access to multiple users, such as employees or contractors, and assign different levels of permissions and access rights.
Activity log
The WM Alpha keeps track of who accessed it, when, and for how long, providing a detailed activity for monitoring and auditing purposes.
Offline Mode
The WM Alpha can still be operated via Bluetooth even if wireless communication is unavailable at the site when the administrator enables the Offline Mode.
General Specifications
Dimensions (mm) 135 (h) x 78 (w) x 35 (d)
IP RatingIP 68
Warranty2 year or 20,000 operations
Encryption MethodAES
Battery ER14335H 1650mAh replaceable lithium battery
Operating ConditionsTemperature: -20 ~ +60°C
Elevation: -60m ~ 2000m
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WM Alpha Smart Padlock

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