WM SenseHub Mobile App

Control all locks at the tip of your finger.

WM SenseHub Mobile App

WM SenseHub mobile app revolutionises locks and access control. Physical keys are eliminated. WM SenseHub manages and controls Willowmore smart locks via Bluetooth and an iOS or Android smartphone app. The administrator grants and revokes entry authorisations, which are sent to the operator’s phone as virtual keys and tracks all lock operations.

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WM SenseHub mobile app is the world’s easiest smart lock app to use. Forget keying usernames and passwords, tapping multiple screens and buttons: the app login is done by the phone’s face recognition and its NFC “tap-and-go” feature enables the lock operation in a matter of seconds. WM SenseHub mobile app provides the lock status (open/close), the lock battery status, the lock location on a map and its operation history. It allows to check-in third parties accompanying the operator.


This doesn’t come at the expense of security. An optional second face authentication, based on the records of authorised lock operators and Willowmore proprietary AI, can be carried out by the WM SenseHub mobile app, providing a true MFA. Willowmore SenseHub mobile app also automatically logs out the operator after 15 minutes of inactivity.


The phone-to-lock Bluetooth connectivity guarantees a maximum level of reliability. The offline mode, when activated by the WM SenseHub administrator, authorises to operate the WM smart locks with the WM SenseHub mobile app even when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi network coverage.

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WM SenseHub Mobile App

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