Prosegur – Managing Critical Infrastructure during the COVID-19 outbreak using Willowmore Smart Access Control System

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Measures To Minimise Health and Safety Impacts

The global COVID-19 outbreak has been a talking point for many people and businesses. With well-considered and measured approach to contain the virus, Singapore has been able to contain the spread and disruption. It has been business as usual. There is no panic on the streets and awareness is very high, and all companies are looking to take proactive measures to minimise Health and Safety impacts for staff, contractors and customers.

How Prosegur is using Willowmore Access Control system and Smartlocks to maintain efficiencies during the current COVID-19 outbreak. 

We know the frequency of access by our teams to critical assets. This enables us to plan for the teams required to support the end customer

“There is no need for key collection, the digital keys are allocated remotely in users mobile phone to enable our teams to access sites – our partnership with Willowmore over the past few years demonstrates that they have an effective solution to enable us to become more efficient in Access Management. ”

In the current environment, having keys or tokens held at central locations that have to be physically collected and handed over by staff and then returned, is considered as high risk from the contagious point of view. Many businesses are adopting work from home measures, so managing physical keys and tokens is becoming even more problematic. Being able to issue virtual digital keys in a contactless manner is a vastly preferable solution.

The ability to remotely grant and approve access requests then remotely monitor the access in genuinely real-time allows a security company like Prosegur to have an overall dashboard of what is going on in every client’s distributed infrastructure and trace all historic data. After trying out several available Smart lock solutions in the market; Prosegur has shared that “Willowmore Smart lock is truly a good solution; well-thought through software workflow and can withstand Singapore extreme outdoor weather conditions, with local support also being a key factor.

Critical infrastructure must continue, equipment and sites must be maintained.

Companies have to protect their critical infrastructure assets, conduct maintenance. At the same time, protect their staff, contractors and customers. The time for digital virtual keys enables companies to improve the efficiency of access management. This is not a short-term event, where things will return to normal. Business will be compelled to implement long term processes to protect their people in an ongoing manner.

About Prosegur

Prosegur is one of the main multinational companies in the private security industry, a reference in the markets where it operates. We offer integrated and specialised security services which, combined with the most advanced technologies, seek maximum efficiency for the business management of companies. We are a global company formed by 170,000 employees, present in 4 continents –Asia, Europe, Americasand Oceania-. Our strategic model, based on the excellence of our services, has made us a trustworthy company which tirelessly focuses on clients to improve their experience and offer added value.

About Willowmore

Willowmore – proudly made in Singapore. We are determined to disrupt the current locking access control industry for Critical Infrastructure, Telecoms, Tower Companies and Facility Management. By building a brand new way to digitalize the access control system with Smart PadLock and Smart Cabinet Locks, our aim is to place Singapore on the global map with innovative solutions! Our Smart Access Control system empowers enterprises and individuals, the ability to use IoT to simplify routine yet critical daily operations. Sustainability and urban development for a smart city are our core values when building our solutions. View our validated case study on GSMA. Willowmore is the only Singapore start-up that is listed on GSMA for our innovative solutions.


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