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Solving rooftop access control

An industrial revolution: Solving rooftop access control solutions for Telcos in Singapore. A step towards Singapore’s smart nation initiative.

A population of 5.6 million, with estimated 4.83 million smartphone users, more than 82% internet penetration; all within 721.5 km2. Singapore has become one of the most I.T. demanding nation with heavy investments on cashless payment systems, driverless cars, green energy etc. This requires reliable, fast and secure mobile network infrastructure to support all these innovations. Unlike many countries, Singapore does not have abundant land space for base stations so most of these equipments are erected on the rooftops of residential buildings.

According to an article published in 2017 (https://www.straitstimes.com/tech/telcos-want-roof-space-so-does-mediacorp) Telcos have to rent space and pay a high fee for an escorted security personnel per visit. In Dec 2018, to ensure Telcos can build its infrastructure to support the smart nation initiatives, the Government has introduced a new initiative to offer Telcos free rooftop space. This is good news for Telcos but will also lead to many questions on access control, since the residential rooftop is not just for Telcos but also for town management’s water-tank, lift rooms and other services.

Space sharing is an inevitable way to reach optimal space usage. To ensure that multiple businesses are able to track accountable individual on sites, it will require all stakeholders including building owners, Telcos, water companies, etc to work together on one platform to assure transparency. The transition to a new workflow and adoption of new technologies are a must. Thus, a smart access control system should be in place to ensure security, smooth coordination, and traceability for all stakeholders.

At Willowmore, we build smart access system with smart padlock that allows real-time access requests, fast approval process with tracing and tracking capabilities. We understand that Telcos requires fast access approval to their equipment when service is down and the respective building owner must always ensure security for other stakeholders; Therefore, all transactions are recorded, timed and analysed digitally. All these equals to a paperless system to record access and less waiting time for Telcos.

Our Revolutionary Solution
The Willowmore smart padlock eliminates all physical keys and replaced it with unique virtual keys. The unique virtual key allows owners and managers to track exact activities associated to certain tasks, users and time durations to gauge individual performance. On a typical scenario, managers take approximately 2 – 5 seconds upon receiving a request to approve or reject before the requested user can have immediate access. In the last paragraph of the article : “a disruption of 5% or more of a Telco’s base stations could attract a fine ranging from $15,000 to $270,000 for every 30 minutes of outage.” Our system track the exact time when the request was sent out, how long it takes to approve, what time and how long a technician arrive on site and operate after receiving the virtual key. Willowmore seeks to help more businesses on this smart nation transition. Reach out to us to know more!

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