Set-up & Go! How Willowmore smart locks system increases productivity.

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So what can you expect after purchasing Willowmore Enterprise Access Control software and smart locks? Here are 3 quick setup steps for seamless implementation.

Step 1: Uploading users information to allow only registered personnel to use, to request and to receive digital access via virtual keys.

  • The smartlock system platform allows easy search for users (engineers, contractors etc) information; especially in the case of emergency.
  • The digitalised platform also means improved security and a huge decrease in paper work to verify and register users to the system.
  • “Lock-User-To-Device” feature is one of many smart locks features to ensure security. It prevents users from sharing accounts and makes tracking every operation transparently.

Step 2: Upload and assignment of smart locks

  • Every smart lock has to be assigned to a location so that if a user has been operating a lock that is out of the range, an offsite alert will be sent to the manager.
  • Bulk upload of locks in Excel form formats can save huge amounts of administrative time and paper work. Assigning of locks to specific companies for added security, managers are now able to manage accesses for users anytime, anywhere.
  • Track specific smartlock’s operations, statuses and battery levels.

Step 3: Task creation and data analysis

  • Ability to tie a task to a group of smart locks, users, contractor managers, regional managers and operation managers. This grouping function enables flexible work-flow and for managers to be in total control of the accesses.
  • Do away with paper works and physical keys
  • Benchmark task’s and users productivity from data collected via the platform.

With these 3 steps done, you can sit back and relax while the company’s operations finds its way to enhanced security and increased productivity.

Want to know more? Click here to read about our GSMA-validated case study, or reach out to us now!


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