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Are you still undecided whether our solutions are the perfect fit for your business? Here are top 5 differentiators between an enterprise and consumer smart lock solution.

Scalable Solution
  • Whether it’s 100 or 10,000 locks, our scalable solutions easily allow your business to add as many smart padlocks and infinite users with associated roles to the system.
Flexible Work Flow
  • Different level of approvals to improve security, accountability and transparency. Our platform ensures you have simple, total control over your operation workflows.
Zero Time Wastage
  • No traveling time needed. No paper requests required. No retrieval of physical keys ever. After virtual keys are granted, users receive access immediately. You won’t believe the amount of time you can save!
Real-time Remote Monitoring Solutions
  • All operations are recorded in the system with associated users, time stamp and battery levels.
  • All lock location includes physical evidence where any user who have done an operation on the lock has to take a picture of the locked site.
  • You do not need to be near the lock for any operation to be uploaded to the cloud. Likewise, you do not need to be near the lock to sync or view operation history.
Trace and Check
  • Allows manager to quickly search user profile, cross-check authority/permission and associated tasks.
  • Still have doubts or questions? Contact us today and let our representatives arrange a meeting with your team!

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