Willowmore – a Singapore start up breaks into the industrial keyless smart locks market with Indones

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A trendy topic
Keyless smart locks have become a trendy topic worldwide as they bring convenience and cost savings for users. Smartphone applications are replacing mechanical locks in many usage aspects. While there are many choices in the market currently for consumers, the same cannot be said for industrial-grade smart locks and system for businesses.

For many companies especially in telecommunications, employees who needs access to remote sites/assets must get the necessary permissions, before collecting the keys from a general office or storage center. Collecting the keys on a normal day with hectic traffic usually takes 5 to 6 hours, to and fro. The overall process happens at least once a week for numerous sites. Site managers are troubled as they seldom know exactly what is going on with the companies’ assets.

As the leader in the Tower Provider market in Indonesia, Protelindo will be using Willowmore’s smart locks and access management control system (ACMS) to improve asset security and workflow efficiency. The ACMS system comprises a backend workflow platform uniquely developed and secured by ST Engineering. Protelindo’s engineers can now request for site access permission via the app or be allocated jobs by site managers allowing them to proceed directly to service or restore cell sites. This in turn saves hours of time and gallons of fuel wasted in Jakarta’s traffic just for keys collection. This will greatly enhance Protelindo’s reputation as the market leader as this will mean consumers will experience lower downtime due to faster restoration in communication sites. Protelindo will also have access to Willowmore’s data analytics system that will help improve field service efficiency and costs.

The solution focuses on easy access with real-time data captured while maintaining low power consumption. It is not just about the locks but the reports generated from collected data that sets our solution apart from other competitors in the market. On top of that, Willowmore has invested heavily in security measures to assure customers a peace-of-mind.

With the support from the government of Singapore, Willowmore has developed the IOT gateway technology. This technology allows real time on-site monitoring of numerous Bluetooth enabled devices, allowing telecom equipment performance to be enhanced to higher levels. The system can operate even if telecom and power networks are off air.

Willowmore plans to showcase the gateway at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 26th February 2018, and have plans to take the technology to telecom operators and tower companies across the region, heralding a new wave of security and efficiency for the industry. This solution is in tune with Singapore’s SMART Nation initiative and Willowmore plans to expand the business further by securing assets and drive efficiency in any business that uses the traditional lock and key system.

About Protelindo and Willowmore

To date, Protelindo owns overs 14,800 towers. With over 25,000 tenants, Protelindo is the largest independent tower companies for wireless infrastructure company with the headquarters located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Willowmore Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based IOT company. Willowmore owns Airov8, a telecoms consulting firm that provides network design and procurement solutions to operators. As an expert in telecommunications, Willowmore supported a local government body to build a software that focuses on telecommunication industry while producing the smart locks.


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