Willowmore secures Series A+ funding from SEEDS Capital, the venture capital arm of Enterprise SG

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  • Willowmore secures Series A+ funding from SEEDS Capital, the venture capital arm of Enterprise SG
This latest capital injection will accelerate the company’s growth and drive the development of innovative technology solutions. This latest funding round will help Willowmore further expand market presence and strengthen its position as a leading provider of smart access, IoT and analytics technologies.

We are thrilled to partner with Greenwillow and SEEDS Capital, investors who share our vision and commitment towards driving continuous innovation and creating even better products.
This new investment will let us accelerate the growth of our company and bring our innovative solutions to many more customers.

Willowmore produced a strong performance in 2022 with our new WMSenseHub 2.x platform, which integrates smart access technology with sensors and CCTV systems. The offering was eagerly adopted by critical infrastructure players in both Singapore and Indonesia. Together with several innovative partners and end-users, Willowmore has also developed a strong pipeline of new hardware and software solutions that will be released in 2023.

Willowmore is also proud to announce that we have been renewed under the Accreditation programme by the Infocomm Media Development Authority, Singapore (IMDA) in 2023. This renewal motivates us in our continued commitment to drive innovation and excellence in Singapore’s information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

Since its inception in 2014, the IMDA Accreditation programme has been instrumental in accelerating the growth of Singapore-based enterprise tech product companies and ICM start-ups through winning contracts with government agencies and large enterprises, as well as facilitating new growth capital into the companies. As an IMDA Accredited company, Willowmore will aim to deliver innovative and effective ICT solutions to its clients, bringing about its commitment to excellence and its ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of the ICT industry.

With Series A+ funding now complete, Willowmore plans to use the proceeds to grow our sales team, ramp up sales channels in new markets, make additional R&D investment to expand our product range of smart locks and security solutions, and further strengthen our AI capabilities.

The investment from SEEDS Capital allows Willowmore to expand its footprint in Singapore by delivering value to major critical infrastructure players and SMEs alike, helping them drive automation and operational efficiency, while delivering cost savings and sustainability.

Willowmore’s patented technology is able to integrate with sensors, CCTV systems and video analytics to potentially drive automation without compromising security and reliability of critical infrastructure
We are happy to support innovative Singapore companies like Willowmore as they continue research and development efforts and push technological boundaries. Through tapping Enterprise Singapore’s global networks, we also aim to help Willowmore expand its international footprint to new markets like Malaysia and Australia.

About SEEDS Capital

As the investment arm of Enterprise Singapore, SEEDS Capital catalyses smart investments into innovative Singapore-based early-stage startups with strong intellectual content and global market potential. It adopts a co-investment model, working hand in hand with institutional investors from around the world. Leveraging its collective expertise and networks, SEEDS Capital helps startups commercialise, realise their business development plans and expand globally. It focuses investments into emerging and strategic sectors aligned with national priorities, including Manufacturing, Trade & Connectivity, Human Health & Potential, Urban Solutions & Sustainability, and Smart Nation & Digital Economy.

About Oriza Greenwillow Technology Fund

The Oriza Greenwillow Technology Fund is a venture capital fund set up jointly by Greenwillow Capital Management Pte Ltd, an MAS-licensed fund management company based in Singapore, and Oriza Holdings, an investment firm from China with assets under management exceeding RMB100 billion. The Fund invests in early-stage technology start-ups in Singapore and the fast-growing markets of Southeast Asia, with a primary focus on the smart cities and health-tech sectors. 

For more information, please visit www.greenwillow.com.sg


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