Keeping a safe distance at the workplace during COVID-19 Pandemic with Keyless Smart Access Control

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Serious health and safety Risks
In critical infrastructure businesses, physical keys are typically stored and managed in central locations. Managing thousands of keys for thousands of contractors exposes serious health and safety risks as contractors need to interact with staff to retrieve the keys. Compromising health and safety for security isn’t an option and it shouldn’t be.
Willowmore's Access Control Solution

Willowmore provides digital access control systems that eliminate all physical contacts by:

  • Abolishing common practice of picking up and dropping off keys at the central location.
  • Issuing virtual keys 24/7 and Monitoring access in real-time and remotely
  • Facilitating accesses in an online central digital system from anywhere. Working from home is now possible for all administrative staff.

Turning the physical keys to virtual keys in user’s smartphone is the first way to prevent users from having unnecessary contact point.

Digital Control

In Singapore, our clients use our solution to facilitate accesses for contractors online. Contractors no longer have to pick-up keys from central locations. At the same time, staff will have audit trail on who accesses the site, operation time stamp and GPS location. Similarly, our clients in Indonesia and Thailand both have found the system extremely useful in moving the conventional access operation to a Digital Access Control Management System. It allows them to work from home and operate the system to facilitate and monitor the accesses. Our system solution not only improves productivity but also increases extra safety measures to all staff and contractors. All operations are now done remotely and in genuinely real-time: from registering contractors to assigning virtual keys to monitoring and generating access reports.

The rest of the world has adopted more stringent health and safety measures through border restriction, social distancing, staggering working hours, etc. Most businesses take advantage of video-conferencing or tele-commuting; while other business with critical infrastructure simply can’t just work from home.

Securing Critical Infrastructure

Frontline operations and fieldwork in Critical Infrastructure industries such as power utilities, water authorities, security, logistics, data centers, facility management, telecoms, public housing and broadcasting must be available 24/7. Works must be done normally to ensure no disruption. By reducing duration and proximity of physical interactions, contractors can still be safe while carrying out normal works. This is the time when Willowmore Access Control plays a crucial role in securing and monitoring critical infrastructure!

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