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Willowmore, a Singapore-based Smart Access Control solutions provider has announced that it has secured its first institutional funding in Series A Funding, with Oriza Greenwillow Technology Fund as the lead investor.

We are delighted to welcome Oriza Greenwillow onboard as our lead investor. Together, we will be able to better serve our customers in the region and continue to drive disruptive innovation.

Willowmore, which was founded in 2014 by Joseph Tey and Basil Byrne, two experienced telecom executives, had its roots in Telecom-related consulting and advisory services, before pivoting their company towards producing enterprise-grade smart locks and software solutions for the critical infrastructure segment. Willowmore’s keyless, IoT-enabled smart lock solution was born out of the various challenges that telecom owners and operators faced in accessibility and security of telecom sites, prompting the Founders to design a suite of robust heavy duty smart locks coupled with an enterprise software solution to ensure greater security and traceability with a centralized access control system.

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we estimate there are some 50-100,000 physical key collections by contractors just in Singapore every day. Our keyless solution can eliminate contractors need to travel around for key collection, building greater resilience in companies battling Covid-19 situations.

Willowmore’s keyless smart lock system allows enterprises to issue virtual keys quickly to the smartphones of authorised staff and contractors, while simultaneously ensuring their distributed assets are secured and every entry is tracked. Today, this solution has been implemented across Indonesia at remote telecom towers, base station sites and other critical infrastructure projects by leading Tower Companies and Operators such as Protelindo, Telkomsel and Ericsson.

Back in Singapore, Willowmore has been selected by PUB to introduce automation and keyless smart locks to the waste management process for transportation vehicles, while providing traceability and accountability for the loading and discharge process. This has been supported by Willowmore’s dynamic geo-fencing features and AI-powered analytics to effectively prevent tampering and illegal discharge of waste across Singapore. The company hopes to expand its solution to more of the nation’s Critical Infrastructure assets, including telecommunications, power, utilities, public housing, transportation, and security facilities. Willowmore was also recently accredited by IMDA Singapore after a thorough process of independent testing and evaluation of Willowmore’s hardware, software and security technology solutions under the Accreditation@SG Digital program.

With Series A Funding complete, the company plans to use the proceeds to grow its management team, ramp up sales channels in new markets, and invest into R&D to expand Willowmore’s product range of smart locks and security solutions, and to further strengthen its software analytics platform for more users.

Our fund is privileged to be the lead investor for Willowmore’s Series A funding and to support its next phase of growth as the digital leader for access control solutions. We have been deeply impressed by Willowmore’s holistic and robust enterprise grade solution and believe the technology will provide extensive transformation to the facilities and asset management space across multiple sectors that require high levels of security and real time monitoring.

Moving forward, Greenwillow will be actively involved in helping the company strengthen its core management team and leveraging on its extensive business ecosystem to connect Willowmore with strategic partners to accelerate its growth into key markets in Asia.

In the coming year, Willowmore is looking forward to launching its patented NB-IoT Gateway device, that can be deployed together with their Smart locks onsite to enable multiple smart keyless locks, sensors, and devices to communicate seamlessly with Network Operation Centers. This will provide enterprise users with the added flexibility to incorporate IoT-enabled sensors into their security systems to transmit actionable data insights back to Willowmore’s software platform in real time. Sensors that can detect motion, proximity, temperature, humidity, and other parameters can be put to use for low-cost remote monitoring of project sites for data analytics and insights on user behaviour and the on-site environmental factors. More information can also be found at: https://www.techinasia.com/exclusive-singapore-iot-startup-willowmore-locks-series-funds
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About Willowmore

Willowmore is a Singapore based Smart Locks, IoT Devices and Telecommunication consulting company, with a keyless access control solution for critical infrastructure services The Company is one of the leading companies in Southeast Asia to develop digital locks that can withstand harsh weather conditions and are integrated onto their NB IoT platform This platform can provide users with an audit trail for accountability and data analytics to improve resource allocation. For more information, please visit: www.willowmore.com.sg/

About Oriza Greenwillow Technology Fund

Recently launched in Aug 2021, the Oriza Greenwillow Technology Fund is a venture capital fund set up jointly by Greenwillow Capital Management Pte Ltd, an MAS-licensed fund management company based in Singapore, and Oriza Holdings, an investment firm from China with assets under management exceeding RMB100 billion. The Fund invests in early-stage technology start-ups in Singapore and the fast-growing markets of Southeast Asia, with a primary focus on the smart cities and health-tech sectors. For more information, please visit www.greenwillow.com.sg


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