Comprehensive Security Solutions for Childcare Centers: Integrating CCTV Surveillance Systems and Smart Access Control
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Comprehensive Security Solutions for Childcare Centers:

Integrating CCTV Surveillance and Smart Access Control


Childcare centers are responsible for providing safe and nurturing environments for children. With growing concerns about child safety and security, it is essential to implement advanced security measures, such as integrated CCTV surveillance with video analytics and access control systems. 

Willowmore, a leading provider of smart access control solutions, is committed to helping childcare centers create safer environments for children while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Willowmore’s smart access control solutions can be integrated with CCTV surveillance systems that incorporate advanced video analytics, WMVision

These analytics can detect abnormal behavior, potential child abuse incidents, and accurately recognize faces. The system can also send instant alerts and notifications through our WMVision platform, allowing for prompt intervention when necessary.

Real-time monitoring and detection
  • Willowmore’s Integrated CCTV surveillance and Video Analytics, WMVision provide real-time monitoring of childcare centers, allowing staff and security personnel to keep a close eye on the premises.  
  • The WMVision can detect unusual or suspicious activity, such as unauthorized entry, potential child abuse incidents, or any other abnormal behavior.
  • This real-time monitoring and detection capability helps ensure that any potential threats are identified and addressed promptly.
Accurate facial recognition

The WMVision can accurately recognize individuals’ faces, enabling childcare centers to maintain a record of all individuals entering and exiting the facility. This facial recognition capability not only enhances security but also helps maintain accountability and ensures compliance with local regulations.

Instant alerts and notifications

Instant alerts and notifications can be triggered and sent to designated personnel when abnormal behavior or potential security threats are detected. This feature allows for quick response times, enabling staff and security personnel to address any issues immediately.

Compliance with local regulations

In many countries, including Singapore, childcare centers are required to comply with specific safety and security regulations. Willowmore’s access control solutions are designed to comply with local regulations and guidelines, ensuring that childcare centers adhere to the necessary legal requirements for child safety and security.

Smart Locks

Willowmore’s smart locks provide keyless entry using secure credentials such as mobile app authentication or NFC tags. This eliminates the need for physical keys, reducing the risk of unauthorized access due to lost or stolen keys.

Visitor Management System

Our visitor management system streamlines the process of registering and tracking visitors, ensuring that only authorized visitors can enter the child care centees. The system also maintains a record of visitor activity for added security and accountability.


Implementing effective access control systems and integrating them with CCTV surveillance and video analytics is a crucial step in creating a secure environment for childcare centers. Willowmore’s innovative security solutions provide childcare centers with the tools they need to protect their premises and ensure the well-being of the children in their care. By partnering with Willowmore, childcare centers can take a proactive approach to enhancing child safety and reducing the risk of child abuse.