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Like the telecom industry, the Utility industry is known for its large number of remote sites, shared locations, and facilities that needed to be maintained at least once a month. At the moment, to enter these sites, one needs to gain approval to pick up the key from the central key storage location. However, the security of these sites depends heavily on trust, the trust that the staff or contractor would lock the sites correctly and that the keys would be returned. These critical infrastructures are susceptible to the risks of vandalism, terrorism, and negligence that put thousands of lives and financial cost at stake.

In Australia, the government has provided “National Guidelines for Prevention of Unauthorised Access to Electrical Infrastructure”, which states that the control of “keys: is a vital aspect of maintaining the integrity of the locking system. Therefore, all electrical distributors are required to ensure that all key issue and return details are held on one central and organisation database system so appropriate control and audit activities can be effectively undertaken.” This is a matter of national security, and Willowmore believes that other countries will follow suit.


As the businesses must fulfil their responsibilities, they must fully protect their assets. Possible challenges with the current access control system:

  • Keys are constantly passed on among users, resulting in the risk of illegal duplication and unauthorised access.
  • No consolidated database of access records for auditing purpose and users accountability.
  • No evidence of whether the critical or remote sites are locked.
  • Provide undisrupted service.
  • Under any circumstances, the service must be safe for consumption
  • If there is an outage, recovering time must be as fast as possible.
Our Solution

Access Control solutions and advantages of using smart access control systems with smart locks and dash-board software:

Willowmore has been working with water and electronic authorities in the APAC regions, who are looking for smart access control system with smart locks to:

Prevent physical access to sites, assets and infrastructure by unauthorised persons.

  • Redesign the process to group authorised users to view and access the critical sites.
  • Restrict who has access to the site. No more illegal duplication! No more unauthorised keys!
  • Prevents users who attempt to unlock the smart locks outside of the authorised radius using the geolocation feature

Control Access and accurately record personnel and authorised contractors for accountability and auditing

  • Allow authorised users with authorised devices
  • Enhance security with photo identification and facial recognition features to verify users before unlocking the site.
  • View a full record of who accessed the sites, the timestamps, photo evidence, and the geolocations.

Monitor the site with photo evidence of the access.

  • Audit accesses with photo evidence feature to reinforce the security of the site
  • Audit user’s accesses, contractors, and second-tier contractors with photo ID and facial recognition
  • Monitor locked assets with the mandatory picture taking feature to enforce users to follow the procedure