Telecom Operators

Efficient Operations

Enterprise Smart Locks and Access Control System for

Telecom Operators


Cutting unnecessary time to gain site access and facilitating access control to help businesses get back on air faster in times of emergencies.

Telecom Operators are proud of their own infrastructure. However, what used to be the key to running a business is now evolving. Whilst the trend towards outsourcing the towers continues, the telecom operators remain responsible for the active radio equipment on-site. As such, it is in the interest of both the operators and Towerco’s to protect the assets and ensure continuous service for their customers.

Challenges with the current access control system

Operators as Companies

  • Keep downsites to minimal level
  • Prevent power outages
  • Protect shareholders’ value by protecting company assets

NOC Managers

  • Lack of a traceable system to search quickly
  • Unable to benchmark productivity
  • Unable to know exactly who enter the infrastructure, for how long and for what, or no-show cases


  • Unable to gain keys for remote access
  • Lengthy process for access approval
  • Won’t get paid if the task has not been registered accurately

Operators as Companies

  • Assure public services are up and running
  • Get service back on air fast in case of any emergencies
  • Stay competitive domestically and globally to ensure stakeholders’ investment value

NOC Managers

  • Assign and manage the workload of shift personnel, supervise the NOC 24/7
  • Continuously improve and develop systems to monitor health and statuses of operators’ infrastructure
  • Responsible for managing outages, service level agreements, up time, service availability, root cause analysis


  • Maintains network by troubleshooting and repairing outages, testing network back-up procedures, updating of documentation
  • React quickly in case of emergencies
  • Responsible for tasks on site
Our Solution

Off-line Mode:

No Network connectivity required to log in to the application or to lock/unlock our enterprise smart locks

Photograph verification feature:

After locking the smart locks, users are tasked to take a picture of the locked door/ gate to inform the NOC manager that the assets were locked properly.

Emergency Mode:

In the case a smart lock is out of battery, it can be jump-started one last time to unlock in case of emergencies.

Manage Multiple Accounts:

  • Support multiple level approvals, notifications for enterprise smart lock access
  • Enterprise Role-based smart lock access control to isolate responsibility and visibility
  • Configure accounts for multiple hierarchical organisation support

Instantaneous in-App technical support to assure reliability:

  • Monitor smart lock’s status remotely in real time: Monitor the status of projects, ad-hoc cases, scheduled cases or request process
  • Monitor enterprise smart locks health (Battery, status, timer or other events)

Notification Alerts (SMS/OTP):

  • Alert when smartlock has less than 10% battery life remaining
  • Virtual key expiry warning
  • Alert on incomplete access logs


  • Specific menu bar and information personalised for different roles
  • Customised monitoring dashboard