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for Critical Infrastructure

Enterprise Smart Locks and Access Control System for

Security Companies

Physical Security Companies worldwide often rely on their human resources as guards and security personnel to gain updates about critical infrastructure’s security status. Technologies, especially in surveillance, have helped security businesses optimise their headcounts better and help them gain alert and rectify any security breach faster. However, there is still an existing problem with controlling and monitoring accesses. Security officer still needs to spend several hours on the road to retrieve the physical key, usually stored in a central location. It often affects the service uptime in case of an emergency.
  • Increase in manpower/ staffing cost to maintain physical access control. Optimise the limited number of headcounts
  • The existing smart locking system doesn’t support remote monitoring and control at the business level.
  • Delay in real-time alerts for access control

Secure and protect customers’ assets

Our Solution

Willowmore Enterprise Smart Locks and Smart Access Control System (ACMS) can facilitate access keys and associated tasks en masse, promising to save at least ½ of the time usually used by traditional methods. Security companies can receive real-time data of every access point and know the status of the site remotely.

Increase productivity by using virtual keys and smart padlocks; eliminating the mechanical keys:

  • No more duplication, stolen or lost keys.
  • Consolidate the critical access requests and task assignments into one platform.
  • Track operational activities remotely
  • Creation of Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports at a simple click

Improve transparency and accountability by creating multiple-hierarchical accounts for different companies and contractors to operate smart locks

  • Create a role system to allow accountability, traceability and searchability
  • Benchmark and standardise contractors’ productivity and efficiency
  • Allow tasks and accesses of virtual keys to be created quickly in the system to associated roles

Enhance security by personalising keys for each individual to operate enterprise-level smart locks

  • Customise virtual access to the needs of the individual
  • One-time virtual keys, repeating schedule virtual keys, admin virtual keys
  • Allow authorised and trusted individual to request keys for restricted or confidential areas/sites